Remove Insurance Company Profit, Eliminate or Reduce Taxes, Restore Benefit Satisfaction and Offer the Lowest Cost for Benefits - 

Our benefits management technology platform elevates the performance of all of the components in your current plan. Additionally, we facilitate the delivery of all of your employee benefits from one website, log in, and password. Simplicity!

Benefits are as follows:

  • The ultimate in member engagement
  • Delivering education, solving for medical illiteracy
  • All healthcare data is connected
  • Employers can determine their benefit plan thresholds and maximize specific and aggregate limits from paid claims
  • Employers can set up different premium contributions for employees based on wellness-based outcomes measurements
  • Healthcare analytics/predictive modeling, wellness, Lifestyle Risk Calculator and any other clinical incentive systems reduce health care spending
  • Many cost reduction systems are available
  • Employers can manage their entire healthcare supply chain

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