The "Next Generation" Medical Management Service partners with self-funded employers, assisting in the effort of fiduciary responsibility sought by CFOs. All healthcare claims are negotiable! Superior Medical Management becomes employers "second set of eyes" in the claims paying process.

Most employers utilize discounts available through their ASO Carrier, TPA, and PPO managed care organization as a process of cost containment. This service seeks additional opportunities of savings by reviewing every health claim and reaching out to Hospitals, Facilities, and Providers when the pre-negotiated discount is less than desirable or the member has received care from an out-of-network provider, where NO discount applies.

Employers are seeking cost containment strategies to help their employees/partners in the quest of saving additional health claim dollars. Delivered as a Concierge Level of Service, HealthCare Price Transparency along with Domestic Medical Travel to Centers of Excellence is included in services!

After our free analysis of your healthcare claims data, the medical management service will offer guaranteed first-year savings!

"Compassion is our Focus, Prompt Service is our Standard, & the Patient always comes First!"

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