For employers, we custom craft and administer a wellness solution that complements your organization's culture. Most employers chose a phased-in approach for implementing an outcome-based wellness initiative. Tying financial and benefit rewards to individual progress goals and outcomes engage employees and dependent spouses voluntarily.

Many companies provide biometric screenings and other wellness tools to help employees, but there are significant differences from one wellness vendor to another. Very few can generate substantive reporting needed to illustrate engagement, effectiveness, financial and clinical performance.

Our concierge delivered outcomes-based wellness solution offers a healthcare data-driven innovative approach in delivering a wellness program that targets 100% engagement and is sensitive to each client's culture. 100% HIPAA Privacy compliant.

Our unique proprietary technology combined with the flexibility to craft customized wellness solutions create different, evidence-based measured financial and clinical outcomes. Our technology connects all healthcare data, including disparate data sources through the employer's portal. The open API provides the ability for an employer to connect every health care benefit offering and deliver it through a single source web portal. Simplicity!

Our proprietary technology is custom built to specifically serve this purpose. Everyone's healthcare utilization, historical, current and predicted, sliced and diced reportable on demand through any browser, no additional charge. All data is 100% actionable, fully secure and independently audited to comply with the highest privacy standards in the industry.

Whether you are looking to supercharge your existing wellness program, or are starting from scratch, we can help. We can integrate with your current carriers, vendors and programs to fill in the gaps of administration, consulting and compliance, or we can provide a more innovative turnkey solution that can serve as an across-the-board replacement.

Blending current culture to the needed goals, financial incentives and benefits that drive engagement are vital ingredients necessary in the construction of a supercharged wellness program.

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