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We are the "Health Care Benefit Delivery Solution Designer," devoted to your success. We help you become the Premier Healthcare Expense Reduction Expert in your market. Differentiating forward thinking Brokers, actually solving employers benefit affordability and compliance issues. New and different strategies, high-performance results, delivered with evidence-based measured reporting.

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We collaborate with other exceptional companies, partnering to deliver enviable results from new approaches. We vet all products and technology, delivering better financial and clinical outcomes in healthcare and occupational health. 


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Mr. Hettesheimer is a "Master" in custom-crafted, safe, LEVEL FUNDED, MINIMUM FUNDED, MAXIMUM FUNDED Traditional and Captive self-insured solutions. Our cost containment tools and tactics are the best available in the country. We are a collaborative group of professional entrepreneurs fixing healthcare benefits and controlling cost. We are an information technology management solutions innovators. Applying a systemic approach to healthcare management strategies, level funded self-insured contracts and performing population health management, and healthcare consulting of all aspects of employee benefits. We can become your “Outsourced HR” benefit partner. Our solutions significantly lower healthcare spending and improve all members "State of Health;" initiating a change of culture to begin eliminating healthcare need. Increased benefit satisfaction, retention, and attracting talent.

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