Pass-Through Rx

Most PBM partnerships are fraught with conflicts of interest, the plan is misdirected and the goals of the employer and PBM are out of alignment.

PBMs often keep hidden revenue streams that should be returned to the plan sponsor and intentionally make it difficult to see how they are really making their money.

Traditional PBMs try to sell value through low administrative fees, high pharmacy discounts, low dispensing fees and artificially inflated rebate payments. But additional pharmacy discounts, hidden markup or "spread" pricing, rebate earnings, and other pharmaceutical incentives may not be completely disclosed; leaving you guessing as to the real cost of your plan.

Our transparent pass-through model focuses on helping clients understand the industry and manage drug spending. The complexity of the traditional model vanishes and a productive partnership is the new result.


Bottom line - "Next Generation" Pass-Through PBM can create up to 20% reductions in your pharmacy spend.

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