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Reference Based Pricing

RBP recognizes medical provider's actual cost to deliver the service and ensures a fair margin above provider's published cost.Consultants and Brokers are limited in their ability to deliver true Healthcare cost reduction services. The biggest bang for the buck is derived from cost shifting to the employer. This can only be taken so far and the ACA limits the financial impact to the employee.

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Reference Based Pricing is a No-Network, all providers and facilities are available nationwide, solution. Provider pricing (established by Medicare) creates a base price representing true cost = 100%. Out of network cost is as high as 16,000% of Medicare. PPO’s are typically set at 225%.

When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 225%, who gets the difference? Not You!

Do you need a PPO/Network? Not necessarily. Look at all the new plans entering the market today, narrow network designs combined with a reference based solution. Do you need claim auditing? Absolutely! Included in our solution.

There are significant shortcomings with the most reference-based pricing vendors. Only a handful “Do it Right.” Veridence 365 has a fully vetted, best solution vendor in the country, delivering a working fair pricing healthcare payment model. Veridence 365 deliverable is a comprehensive A to Z solution for Self-Insured Employers and Third Party Administrators—getting it right the first time & saving up to 35%!


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