• ACA Marketplace Problems
  • Direct Primary Care
  • Healthcare Consumption Audit

ACA Marketplace Problems

imagePresentation identifies the cost drivers, by design, that drive fully insured group health insurance premiums. Our business is conducted to a Fiduciary Standard and all service is classified as “concierge.”

Our focus is on the ERISA Self-Insured market, beginning at 2 covered employee lives in some markets. We are experts in crafting benefits to match employer’s culture; all alternative funding concepts, Direct Primary Care Networks, Networks, and Reference Based Pricing integration. We have all the “Next Generation” administration, services and products. 80% of group health solutions are now self-insured! The number is increasing.

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Direct Primary Care

imageReference Based Pricing is a No-Network, all providers and facilities are available nationwide, solution. Provider pricing (established by Medicare) creates a base price representing true cost = 100%. Out os network cost is as high as 16,000% of Medicare. PPO's are typically set at 225%. When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 225%, who gets the difference? Not YOU! Contact Group Agent Resources today!

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Healthcare Consumption Audit

imageIs there a new simpler approach to Health Plan Financial Analysis or Healthcare Consumption Audit?

I believe so.

Scott Hettesheimer has 43 years of experience as a consultant and strategist helping employers evaluate and select health benefit plan service providers. This discussion is intended to illustrate the complexity wrapped in "Healthcare Business As Usual."

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Group Agent Resources
Sell Level Funded Health Plans that return 100% of unspent claims funding to employers.

Sell No-Network every provider is in and Transparent Pharmacy delivered from a fiduciary standard.

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1time and money

Support with a Full Array of Self Insured & Cost Containment Solutions

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Winning Employer Presentation

Best Practices in Designing Your Benefits Portfolio

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Differentiate & Be the Superior Healthcare Consulting Firm.

"The End of Healthcare Business as Usual."

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