• Better Self-Insured Solutions
  • Reference Based Pricing
  • Pass-Through Rx

Better Self-Insured Solutions

imageGAR is a National, Boutique Healthcare Benefits Solution vendor, offering every variation of Self-insurance, alternative funding and cost containment. Our business is conducted to a Fiduciary Standard and all service is classified as “concierge.”

Our focus is on the ERISA Self-Insured market, beginning at 25 covered employee lives. We are experts in crafting benefits to match employer’s culture; all alternative funding concepts, Networks and Reference Based Pricing integration. We have all the “Next Generation” administration, services and products. 80% of group health solutions are now self-insured! The number is increasing.

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Reference Based Pricing

imageReference Based Pricing is a No-Network, all providers and facilities are available nationwide, solution. Provider pricing (established by Medicare) creates a base price representing true cost = 100%. Out os network cost is as high as 16,000% of Medicare. PPO's are typically set at 225%. When your network provider or insurance company negotiates a lower settlement, something below 225%, who gets the difference? Not YOU! Contact Group Agent Resources today!

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Pass-Through Rx

imageMost PBM partnerships are fraught with conflicts of interest, the plan is misdirected and the goals of the employer and PBM are out of alignment. PBMs often keep hidden revenue streams that should be returned to the plan sponsor and intentionally make it difficult to see how they are really making their money. Our transparent pass-through model focuses on helping clinets understand the industry and manage drug spending. The complexity of the traditional model vanishes and a productive partnership is the new result.

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Group Agent Resources
Sell Level Funded Health Plans that return 100% of unspent claims funding to employers.

Sell No-Network every provider is in and Transparent Pharmacy delivered from a fiduciary standard.

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1time and money

Support with a Full Array of Self Insured & Cost Containment Solutions

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Winning Employer Presentation

Best Practices in Designing Your Benefits Portfolio

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Differentiate & Be the Superior Healthcare Consulting Firm.

"The End of Healthcare Business as Usual."

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